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Lagnam Spintex Limited is committed to operating a successful business by developing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting quality yarn products for the global textile industry.

We shall accomplish this by:


  • Developing long term relationship with suppliers with an aim to be the most reliable supplier in Textile.

  • Providing superior quality products at competitive prices and establishing a brand value in the international arena.

  • Exceeding industry standards with exceptional customer and technical service.

  • Maintaining our competitive strategic position through leading edge technology.

  • Providing a safe, fulfilling and rewarding work environment for employees Promote partnerships with government agencies and institutions of international recognition.

  • Providing training to our employees for their future development


  • Remain at the forefront in high quality textile products manufacturing.

  • Create value for shareholders and allied industries.

  • Increase foreign exchange earnings by being a preferred international supplier.

  • Stay effective & proactive in developing new markets and products

  • Completing our vertical integration chain by entering into high quality yarn manufacturing.

  • Endeavour for the ultimate satisfaction of our allied partners with:

  • The Right Technology

  • The Right Raw Material

  • The Right People and above all

  • The Right ATTITUDE

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