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Magic Eye

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Quantum 3

The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of 100% Cotton Ring Spun yarn of Count range Ne 20s to 40s and 100% Cotton of Open End yarn of count range Ne 4s to 20s.

Company has following certifications:

  • We were the only standalone Cotton Yarn Manufacturer in the world who has been authorised to use USTER™ Trademark. The quality can be matched to Customer's requirements with the most Advanced Technology and has “USTER LABORATORY” Equipments like          HVI-1000, AFIS PRO 2, UT-5, UTR-4, CLASSIMAT-5.

  • We have most advance homogenous Bale Management system and USTER VISION SHIELD with MAGIC EYE for coloured and PP contamination sorting at Blow-Room stage.

  • We have PREMIER’s on-line data monitoring system from Carding to TFO to collect data like actual machine efficiency, speed, breakage rate, idle spindle, slippage, rouge spindle, UKG, GSS etc. which helps to minimize quality variation and process monitoring.

  • We have USTER QUANTUM-3 electronic yarn clearer with PP sensor at Link-Coner to enhance the quality of final yarn. We have also USTER Quality Expert Software which facilitates us for on line quality monitoring of final yarn.

Raw Material Testing: All raw materials are tested for fibre Length, Strength, Elongation%, MIC, RD, +B, Neps/gram, Short fibre%, Moisture%, Trash%, etc. through USTER HVI, USTER AFIS and MAG equipments. The raw material is issued only after the test results to maintain the quality parameters.

Yarn Testing: Every lot is tested for Um%, Imperfections, Hairiness, RKM, Elongation%, Classimat, Count, Count CV%, CSP and TPI through USTER Tester-5, USTER Tensorapid-4, UTER Classimat-5 and MAG equipments at the time of start of production and repeated subsequently to ensure the


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